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Program Overview

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Super Health, Super You is an educational program designed to initiate healthy lifestyle conversations in upper elementary classes and school communities across the country. Activate and inspire your students to make healthy lifestyle choices with the help of our valuable suite of classroom resources included in the Super Health, Super You Playbook today!

Classroom Resources

Engage your students in and out of the classroom with standards-aligned lesson plans and activities from the Super Health, Super You Playbook! Students will learn the importance of health, exercise and nutrition – and what happens to the body when these elements are out of balance – through the story of nine-year-old Cristina, who comes from a large Latina family where her mother and grandmother both suffer from diabetes.


The Human Body: Miracle Machine! icon
The Human Body: Miracle Machine!
Life Sciences and Health Education
45 min.

In this activity, students use findings from Lesson 1 and draw/construct a human body. They can get creative with the construction material! Students will then discuss how the structures and systems work together.

Wheel of Life icon
Wheel of Life
Life Sciences and Health Education
45 min.

Students will create a “Wheel of Life” using what they learned from Lesson 2. Wheels are comprised of slices representing different aspects of good health. Students rank the priority of each of the slices in their own lives and compare their rankings with each other.

Learning from Experience icon
Learning from Experience
Life Sciences and Health Education
45 min.

Teachers may invite a school nurse, doctor, EMT, or other health professional with experience dealing with diabetes to visit the class. This health professional will discuss symptoms and health effects of diabetes, as well as the importance of healthful food choices in preventing and managing diabetes.

Lesson Plans

I Sing the Body Electric icon
I Sing The Body Electric
Life Sciences and Health Education
1-2 60-min class periods

In this lesson, students will analyze the structure and function of the body as a system. Working in teams, students will study and present different systems of the body, exploring how each system must function properly.

Body Out of Balance icon
Body Out Of Balance
Life Sciences and Health Education
1-2 60-min class periods

Students will examine how external factors contribute to health and explore the potential consequences to health when the body is out of balance. Students will also identify personal decisions they can make that contribute to good health.

Diabetes Detectives icon
Diabetes Detectives
Life Sciences and Health Education
1-2 60-min class periods

Students will learn about the relationship between dietary choices and diabetes. Students will look for clues about diabetes in Cristina’s story and conduct research using online and print resources, gathering information about what diabetes is, risk factors for developing diabetes, how it affects the body, and prevention.

Digital Presentation

DIY Gardening Guide: Plan, Grow, and Harvest Fresh Produce for Healthier Eating

This DIY Gardening Guide walks students and teachers through planning and growing a garden. Students will be introduced to the benefits of gardening, learn about photosynthesis, gain an understanding of what plants need to grow, and identify connections between eating whole foods and health.

Community Challenge

The Super Health, Super You Community Challenge emboldens students to become community leaders in healthy lifestyle choices and drive diabetes prevention awareness. Encourage students to identify a health-related issue in your school community and work together to submit a solution for the chance to win a $10k grant to bring their ideas to life! Visit the Community Challenge page for more information!