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Program Overview

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Super Health, Super You is an educational program designed to initiate healthy lifestyle conversations in upper elementary classes and school communities across the country. Activate and inspire your students to make healthy lifestyle choices with the help of our valuable suite of classroom resources included in the Super Health, Super You Playbook today!

Classroom Resources

Engage your students in and out of the classroom with standards-aligned lesson plans and activities from the Super Health, Super You Playbook! Students will learn the importance of health, exercise and nutrition – and what happens to the body when these elements are out of balance – through the story of nine-year-old Cristina, who comes from a large Latina family where her mother and grandmother both suffer from diabetes.


Balancing Act
Life Sciences and Health Education
30-45 minute period

In this activity, students will evaluate the amount of time they participate daily in screen time activities and physical activities and brainstorm ways to replace screen time with other options that keep them active.

Healthy Food Festival!
Life Sciences and Health Education
1–2 45-minute periods

In this activity, students apply their new learning to create fun ways to eat the rainbow during the week.

Ice Cream
The Glycemic Index
Life Science and Health Education
45 minutes

In this activity, students will discover how eating different types of foods impacts their blood sugar by creating a class graph of foods that are categorized as low, medium, or high on the glycemic index scale.

Lesson Plans

Fresh Foods Fuel Fitness
Life Sciences and Health Education
60-minute class period

In this lesson, students learn what it means to “eat the rainbow” and how that is different from eating processed foods.

Plate and Magnifying Glass
Finding the Energy
Life Sciences and Health Education
60-minute class period

In this lesson, students learn about carbohydrates—what they are, where they’re found, and what they do—and begin to think about how much sugar they consume every day.

Move! Move! Move!
Life Sciences and Health Education
1 60-minute class period

In this lesson, students collaborate to gather and share information about the benefits of physical activity, types of physical activity, and examples of exercise.

Family Toolkit

Health & Wellness Activities and Conversation Starter

Students and parents can utilize the NEW Family Toolkit to discuss healthy habits together as a family. Families will learn how to make mealtime a family affair and why it's important to eat a varied, balanced diet.

Digital Presentation

DIY Gardening Guide: Plan, Grow, and Harvest Fresh Produce for Healthier Eating

This DIY Gardening Guide walks students and teachers through planning and growing a garden. Students will be introduced to the benefits of gardening, learn about photosynthesis, gain an understanding of what plants need to grow, and identify connections between eating whole foods and health.

Community Challenge

The Super Health, Super You Community Challenge emboldens students to become community leaders in healthy lifestyle choices and drive diabetes prevention awareness. Encourage students to identify a health-related issue in your school community and work together to submit a solution for the chance to win a $10k grant to bring their ideas to life! Check back in January 2018 to find out who won!